Full Service Tower & General Contracting Company
Zephyr Towers, LLC possesses the capability to work from coast to coast in a variety of weather, terrain and soil conditions. 

We have extensive experience working with other contractors from local to international level.
Custom Solar Trailers

• Installation/Design of stand-alone solar systems powering remote research equipment.

• Monthly and yearly leasing of solar units to power obstruction lighting for communication
  and meteorological towers.

• Design/Build/Install solar street lights for various government agencies

• Installation of purchased residential solar systems up to 12KW and design/installation
  of larger home units

• Solar Photovoltaic system design/installation/maintenance

We have used our expertise of communication towers and obstruction lighting to design photovoltaic systems that remove the expense of bringing utilities to hard-to-reach locations.

We provide solar units to residential and commercial clients that exceed national standard and contribute to create a greener world. Our units are economical and fully warrantied.

We also work with commercial customers to design the most economical solar system for utility cost savings and to provide power for remote applications.

Zephyr Towers, LLC designs, builds and installs remote solar units that customers can purchase or lease from month to month. Our leasing program is designed per project and can run from 3 - 24 months with extensions possible. We also offer a lease to own option that drastically reduces the project cost and ends in ownership of the unit. While under the lease period, we continue to monitor the units and provide any service or repair they may need.

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