Full Service Tower & General Contracting Company
Zephyr Towers, LLC possesses the capability to work from coast to coast in a variety of weather, terrain and soil conditions. 
We have extensive experience working with other contractors from local to international level.

Our Professional Services

  1. Managing Director
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From foundation to integration and everything in between, we are your full service tower and general contracting firm.

Tower installation
•  Installation of
•  Guyed
•  Self-Supported
•  Monopole
•  Stealth pole/ flagpole

Meteorological Tower
•  Commissioning 
•  Instrument trouble shooting 
•  Repair and replacement

Line and Antenna 
•  Installation and testing capabilities 
•  Installation of Radio, TV, Cell, Two Way and Microwave Antenna Systems
•  PIM, Sweep and fiber testing to meet all your needs
•  Experienced installing antennas and associated componentry of several types and OEM's
•  Trouble shooting expertise 

Civil Services and Site Prep
•  Zephyr Towers holds the ability to start from breaking ground on a new project or modifying and updating existing sites. 
•  All tower foundations
•  Guy anchor install or replacements
•  Shelter foundations
•  Access road and compound construction
•  Site grounding
•  Enclosure, shelter and fencing needs
•  Trenching and excavating
•  Site Decommissioning and Demolition

Modifications and Upgrades
•  Retrofit, Structural Modifications and components including design/engineer work
•  Carrier-adds
•  Fiber to the Cell Site

Photovoltaic System 
•  Design
•  Installation
•  Maintenance
•  Temporary Power Solutions

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